From the Depths – How to Boot the Game

How to Boot the Game From the Depths

Even if your familliar with pc gaming I still recommend skimming this section

1. Pre-startup Pop-up

  • When you startup the game instead of going directly into the game it opens the config menu.
  • The config menu will allow you to change the resolution and the keybinds. The most important thing though is the graphics quality, I reccomend setting it to simple and going in windowed mode

2. Dont Panic

  • When the game starts the screen will be black for a while This is normal do not slam your face into your keyboard the game will crash

3. Main Menu

  • Now that the games open and your keyboard unmolested you should see the main menu

From top left to bottom right the features are:

1. The tutorial selector

  • These tutorials are pretty outdated but useful for learnin the absolute basics i.e. how to move

2. The planet selector

  • This allows you to switch between campains and isnt really important until much later

3. The Little [ – ] Button in the Top Right Corner

  • Allows you to watch the demo full screeen without the menu in the way. If the menu suddenly disappears hit this

4. The Character Sheet

  • Allows you to customize your fleet colors and equip tools to your hotbar

5. The Main Menu

6. Misc Menu

7. The Tip Bar

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