GTA: San Andreas – Nines and AK’s Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas Nines and AKs Mission

It’s time to get some guns, to help settle the score. Go out to the car and take Smoke to Emmet’s house. As always, follow the yellow blip on the map and park on the red marker. A cut scene will play, showing Emmet’s selection. Once it’s done, you will have an opportunity to test out some of his firearms. Use the onscreen instructions to learn how to shoot.

Once you learn all the specifics of targeting, switch targets, manually aiming and shooting, get back into the car. You’ll be told that you can visit Emmet’s at any time to get new weapons. For now, follow the marker back to Smoke’s house. Once you get there, you’ll get a cell phone call from Sweet, who tells you to head over to Binco’s to pick up some new threads. Drive over to the marker and head inside.

Move to the back of the shop and step on the red marker to be taken inside the dressing room. Since the whole point of this excursion is to get yourself some colors, pick out something green and be done with it. You don’t have to stop with gear for your torso… you can get chains, watches, pants and lots more. Deck yourself out. Once you get some threads and step outside, the mission will be complete.

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