Hitman 2 – Deadly Art Walkthrough

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories Deadly Art Mission Walkthrough Once you’re dropped off […]

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories

Deadly Art Mission Walkthrough

  1. Once you’re dropped off at the bus stop, walk straight towards Delgado’s mansion
  2. Before the bridge, take a left into the brush. Follow the path down the steps, go by the man praying, and straight towards the bar.
  3. Inside, you should see Paul Powers, a man with a backwards had. You need to kill him and get his disguise. But first, listen in to his conversation with the bartender to begin the story.
  4. After you’ve began the story, go out the door to the left of the bar. You’ll see a fuse box around the corner. Turn that off.
  5. This will lure the bartender outside. When he goes up to the box, subdue him, take his disguise and the key he drops, then dump his body in the dumpster behind you.
  6. Go back into the bar and go through the door behind the left side of the bar. You’ll need to use the key you just got to unlock the door.
  7. Go down into the basement and you’ll find some rat poison on the shelf in the basement. It should be on a shelf right as you walk off the steps under the box that says vodka on your left side.
  8. Go back upstairs and poison Powers drink when he goes to make a call.
  9. He will go to the bathroom to throw up. Follow him to the bathroom, close the door and subdue him. Take his disguise and hop out the window.
  10. Head back up the steps and towards the Delgado compound.
  11. Before you knock on the door, drop you’re weapon because you’ll be frisked when you go inside.
  12. Knock on the door and let the guard search you. Then follow him to Delgado’s wife.
  13. Follow her and take the selfie that she requests. Once that is over with, she will take you into Delgado’s office. This will complete the Deadly Art story.
  14. After some talking, Delgado will sit down for the tattoo. Walk over and start the tattoo. After that, ask him to sit still.
  15. He will dismiss his wife and the guard.
  16. Once he leaves, you will be able to kill Delgado. After he is dead, drag his body into the bathroom behind the desk. (Note: You may have to try this a few times, so you might want to save right before you kill him. Sometimes the guards are suspicious of you when you try to leave and sometimes, they aren’t.)
  17. Walk out the front door of his office unnoticed and leave the compound.

Congratulations! Hitman 2 Deadly Art mission is completed.

There are 13 different assassinations that can be completed in this mission. If you need help with them, checking out our Three-Headed Serpent Assassination Help Page

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