Hitman 2 – Submerged Walkthrough

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories Submerged Mission Walkthrough From the bus stop, walk […]

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories

Submerged Mission Walkthrough

  • From the bus stop, walk towards Delgado’s compound.
  • Take a left before the bridge and follow the path. Go by the praying man and towards the bar.
  • Across from the bar, you will see some houses on the water.
  • Head over there and enter the town.
  • You’ll see a green house selling food and a woman talking to the man who owns the shop. Listen in to the conversation in order to begin the story.
  • Follow the woman back to her house once they are done talking.
  • Wait for her and her husband to be alone inside and then go in and kill them quickly.
  • Once they are dead, go through the back door and you’ll find a submarine engineer disguise in the laundry.
  • Put it on and walk back to the bar.
  • Go inside and get the key from behind the bartender’s counter, it should be on the shelf.
  • Use the key to unlock the door behind the left side of the bar.
  • Go down into the basement and walk across the room to the pipes. Turn the knob and go through the secret door.
  • Go straight down the path until you get to the submarine.
  • Go to the right of the sub where a man is working with blue drills. Pick up the screwdriver from his workbench.
  • Walk back to the sub and use the screwdriver to disable the limiter.
  • After it is disabled, talk to the guard and ask him to call Delgado and wait for him to show up.
  • Walk up to Delgado while he is observing the sub and he will speak to you and instruct you to start the engine.
  • Go over by the control panel and start the engine. This will complete the Submerged story.
  • He will ask you to keep revving up the engine. You can do it 3 times before it will get out of control and fall into the water.
  • After the second rev, wait until he walks in front of the sub and then rev it up a 3rd time.
  • The hold will break, and it will knock him into the water and eliminate him.
  • Leave the control panel and walk away unnoticed.

Congratulations! Hitman 2 Submerged mission is completed.

There are 13 different assassinations that can be completed in this mission. If you need help with them, checking out our Three-Headed Serpent Assassination Help Page

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