Hitman 2 – Half Baked Walkthrough

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories Half Baked Mission Walkthrough From the bus stop, […]

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories

Half Baked Mission Walkthrough

  • From the bus stop, walk straight towards Delgado’s compound.
  • Once you get to the gate, take a right into the bushes and go as far as you can around the wall. You’ll see a vine going up the wall.
  • Climb up the vine and then go down the ladder.
  • Walk straight towards the blue wall with the white AC unit on it. Turn the AC unit off.
  • This will make one of the guards inside of the building come out to check on it.
  • When he comes out, go around the left side of the building and through the front door.
  • Shoot the guard who stays inside and then wait for the other one to return. Shoot him too.
  • Steal one of their disguises and then put their bodies in the cabinet.
  • Go out the side door and through the iron gate on your right.
  • Run straight until you get to the bridge and then take a right and then a left towards the two purple guards.
  • Listen in to their conversation to begin the story.
  • Turn around and go up the steps a little to your left.
  • Take a left at the top of the steps and go straight towards the rock wall.
  • Look closely and you’ll see a red box. Shoot it and it will fall down and drop out the circuit board.
  • Climb down and pick up the circuit board.
  • Go to your back left and head back to the road. Once you reach the road take a right and go back into Delgado’s compound.
  • Once you get there, go back through the iron gate close to where you killed the guards. (Note: This will allow you to go into Franco’s area without trespassing.)
  • Once you go through the gate, walk straight until you get to the guards in purple on your left. Take the left and enter the compound.
  • Keep walking straight towards the roof with the red tin shingles. It should be the second building.
  • Go to the back porch and locate a lab worker through the window. Turn on the generator to lure him outside.
  • Hide in the brush and wait for him to come out. Then shoot him and take his disguise. Dump his body in the dumpster to your right.
  • Hop through the window and install the circuit board into the drug machine. This will complete the Half Baked story.
  • Franco will come to see the generator and then kick all the workers out. Go hide in the dumpster or else you will be caught trespassing.
  • Wait for the guard to leave Franco alone and then hop out and kill him.
  • Go back out the window and leave the compound unnoticed.

Congratulations! Hitman 2 Half Baked mission is completed.

There are 13 different assassinations that can be completed in this mission. If you need help with them, checking out our Three-Headed Serpent Assassination Help Page

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