Hitman 2 – Backpacker Walkthrough

Hitman 2, Santa Fortuna: Three Headed Serpent Stories

Three Headed Serpent Stories

Backpacker Mission Walkthrough

  • Once at the bus stop, turn right and go to the shop that is beside you.
  • Pick up the rat poison on the shelf to your left.
  • Now head out of the shop to your left and go to the town square.
  • By the stage where the band stuff is, you’ll see steps. Go up the steps and eavesdrop on the conversation happening outside of the house, this will begin the story.
  • Walk to the front of the house and sneak in through the window.
  • You’ll see the souvenir on the table by the TV. Poison the drugs inside of it.
  • Now go back to the shop that is by the bus stop and ask to buy some glue.
  • Go out of the shop to the right and to the mechanic next door.
  • Ask him if he will sell you the glue. Since he won’t, you’ll have to kill him.
  • Turn on the radio behind the car and wait for him to go investigate it. When he does, subdue him, take the glue, and hide his body in the box to your left.
  • Take a left out of the mechanic shop and go back to the souvenir.
  • Glue it together then pick it up. Now you’ll need to disguise yourself as the hippie.
  • Turn on the alarm clock to the left of the souvenir and wait for the hippie to show up. (Note: Make sure he is nearby, or you will alert his friend whom you will then have to kill.)
  • Kill the hippie, take his disguise, and hide his body in the cabinet.
  • Go out the door by the closet and down the steps.
  • Go through the cinderblock house and across the road. Keep going straight through the brush. You’ll see a cave on your left.
  • Drop your weapon in the bushes, then go speak to the guards. Allow them to frisk you and then follow the guard to the smuggling cave.
  • Once you get there, wait for Franco to arrive.
  • He will have you put down the souvenir so he can examine it. Once you do that, the Backpacker story will be complete.
  • While he is testing the drugs, he will get sick and go through up. Follow him and then push him over the edge when he pukes.
  • You will then be able to walk away unnoticed. (Note: Don’t push him to soon and make sure no one is looking, or you’ll be running for your life like I was in the video above.)

Congratulations! Hitman 2 Backpacker mission is completed.

There are 13 different assassinations that can be completed in this mission. If you need help with them, checking out our Three-Headed Serpent Assassination Help Page

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