Killer Frequency: Collectibles Guide

Collect all items with the Killer Frequency Collectibles guide. Collectibles are very important for completing the game. Hidden Records, Ad tapes, and all!

Here we are with the Killer Frequency Collectibles guide. This list of Killer Frequency collectibles includes: Ad tapes, record list, hidden records, keys and doors. By reviewing this guide, you can complete all the collectible items in the game 100%. You can reach the complete game completion guide from our Killer Frequency Walkthrough link here.

Collectibles Guide

For the collectibles, you can check in the pause menu at any time to see how many keys and records you’ve collected. When all is said and done, you should have six [6] keys and four [4] hidden records in total.

Ad Tapes

  1. Master Robbie’s Dojo
  2. Teddy Gallows Jr. Campaign Ad
  3. Gallow’s Creek Harvest Festival
  4. Grilling Spree Ad – The only tape you actually have to find. It is located in the room with the fax machine at the second pair of desks. You’ll find it on the desk with the chili cook off trophy, to the left of the type writer.

Note: I have confirmed that you do not need to be prompted by Peggy to get credit for playing the radio ad tapes. You can pop them into the player, you just must LISTEN TO THEM IN FULL. I am fairly certain Peggy only actually prompts you to play three [3] ads during the course of the night, so you will need to play the one you’re missing before the point of no return.

The “A Word from Our Sponsors” achievement should pop once the fourth tape comes to an end.

Record List

  1. Blast Processors – 198X
  2. David Scopo – Moonlight
  3. Crying for Help – The Flow
  4. The Late Night Lurkers – If You Dare
  5. Knife and Ez – Stab in the Twilight
  6. Stormriders – The Glam Jam
  7. Smooth – The Word
  8. The Hang-Ups feat the 1984 hit ‘Let Me Go’
  9. Roddy Snatcher – Final Breath (Hidden)
  10. Vice – I’m Coming to Getcha (Hidden)
  11. The Barn Finds – Long Ride Home (Not truly hidden, story related)
  12. Caged Tiger – One Last Goodbye (Hidden)

Hidden Records

  1. Roddy Snatcher – Final Breath
    • Located on the first floor, behind the reception desk. Look in the side cubby nearest to the blue trash can. (On your far right behind the desk when facing the front doors.) Crouch to retrieve the record.
  2. Vice – I’m Coming to Getcha
    • Located in the staff room. Head to the very back of the room, past the kitchen toward the television and arcade game. To the left of the television set is a shelf with binders, the record is tucked away on this shelf.
  3. The Barn Finds – Long Ride Home (Story Related)
    • Found in the alleyway accessible after Dawn’s second phone call and Peggy gives you the key to the fire exit door.
  4. Caged Tiger – One Last Goodbye
    • Located in the second drawer in the desk at the end of the maze of file cabinets in the basement. This is the same desk where you find the final recording from Clive.

Keys and Doors

Fun Fact, the 「Master of Unlocking」 achievement’s descriptions is “Unlock all doors in the station”, but you’ll receive it after you simply pick up all keys. You do not physically have to open up all of the doors to receive the achievement, but chances are you’ll be opening them anyway to complete the story.

  1. 2nd Floor Stairway – The key is given to you by Peggy after the call with Maurice. This will give you access to the first floor.
  2. Kitchen Key – Given to you by Peggy after Virginia hangs up for the first time. It unlocks the staff area by reception.
  3. Fire Exit Door – Given to you by Peggy after Dawn’s second call.
  4. Basement Key – Pick up the key from the desk in Clive’s hidden mannequin room in the basement.
  5. Basement Key 2 – This key is located inside the wall in the mannqeuin room but only after you’ve helped save Chuck Brody from an explosive death.
  6. Reggie’s Office Key – Peggy slips this key under the door for you during the call with Casey, after administering initial first aid.

We have come to the end of our Killer Frequency Collectibles guide. We hope you were able to collect all the collectibles. If you have a problem with a section, write to us in the comments!

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