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Lovebrush Chronicles Characters Tier List

Step into the world of romance in Lovebrush Chronicles, where your choices influence relationships. Explore character qualities and find your ideal candidate in our Lovebrush Chronicles Characters Tier List guide. Check it out!

Welcome to the world of romance, Lovebrush Chronicles, where you’ll explore different worlds and meet numerous potential candidates for your heart. Learning the good and not-so-good qualities of these candidates will shape the relationships you’ll experience in this romantic realm. So, what are these qualities, and which candidate is right for you? We’ve detailed all of this in our Lovebrush Chronicles Characters Tier List guide. Don’t waste any time; take a look now!

Lovebrush Chronicles Characters Tier List

In Lovebrush Chronicles, from Wild West to contemporary settings, and from fantasy realms to everyday life, your choices have a significant impact on the appropriate connections of singles. If you’re wondering which characters shine as the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place. Our Lovebrush Chronicles Characters Tier List allows characters to network in the midst of chaos from the category below.

Characters Tier List

Incorporating a feature image displaying character cards from Lovebrush Chronicles, this tier list serves as a means to evaluate and rank the game’s characters. Its purpose is to offer a clear understanding of which characters truly shine in Lovebrush Chronicles.

Character Rankings

  • S-Tier: The absolute best. Currently, no S-tier characters.
  • A-Tier: Excellent. No A-tier characters at the moment.
  • B-Tier: Solid. No B-tier characters now.
  • C-Tier: Potentially useful but generally underwhelming. No C-tier characters currently.
  • D-Tier: Simply a No. No D-tier characters as of now.

S Tier

The best characters/variants to utilise on the battlefield! Recommendation: Try to collect these characters and variants via the gacha banner.

  • Ayn

A Tier

Fantastic characters/variants nearly on par with those in the S-tier. Note: They might be slightly less powerful in comparison.

  • Alkaid
  • Cael (or Emerald)

B Tier

Average performers on the battlefield. Usefulness: They have their moments in specific battle scenarios.

  • Clarence

C Tier

Not the most efficient choices. Recommendation: Consider replacing them when better options become available.

  • Lars Rorschach

D Tier

  • Least recommended characters/variants.

Note: Fortunately, there are no characters in this tier at the moment.

Character Highlights

  • Alkaid: Age 20, Height: 181cm, Occupation: Astronomy Student, Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Tachibana.
  • Lars Rorschach: Age 27, Height: 187cm, Occupation: Company Heir, Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe.
  • Ayn: Age 19, Height: 179cm, Occupation: Music Student, Voice Actor: Kenn.

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