Marching Orders: A Rimworld Checklist Guide

A basic checklist of things to look for or do when starting out, intended for beginners who don’t want to read lengthy commentary.

Set Up
Look for:
High growth (growing skill of 8)

Best Shooter gets rifle
Melee guy gets knife
Unforbid stuff

Basic Priorities
  • Safety
  • Food Intake
  • Mood/Happiness
Base Location
  • Centered on map
  • Defensible
  • Rich soil nearby
  • Near a steam geyser

The Marching Orders

  1. Uncheck items that are forbidden, send your trio to gather them
  2. Choose colony location
    • Create a funnel
  3. Look for ship’s resources
  4. Create a temporary bedroom w/3 beds (in a cave?)
  5. Build a large stockpile zone
  6. Build five growing zones
    • Find colonist with best growing skill of 8 or more
    • Specify heal root, potatoes, rice, strawberries and cotton
  7. Train pet to haul
  8. Mine minerals like steel where we will build a mountain base
  9. Set work priorities
    • Hunter/Miner
    • Warden/Coook
    • Doctor/Researcher/Animal Handler
  10. Set schedule based on traits (night time preference?)
  11. Plan the base:
    • Go to Orders and choose plan
    • Set walls beyond crop fields
  12. Electricity and power:
    • For now, build one solar generator
      • Build storage area
      • Build area to store juice
      • Set power conduits to connect solar, battery and base
      • Cover with roof
      • Conduits to kitchen, bedrooms, cooler when built
    • Alternately use wind power
      • Go into Power and select Wind Turbine
      • Set power conduits to connect solar, battery and base
      • Cover with roof
      • Conduits to kitchen, bedrooms, cooler when built
  13. Food Service:
    • Build freezer
      • Set stockpile zone in freezer
      • Build as a square for efficiency
      • 11×11 interior dimension
      • 13×13 exterior wall first
      • Set as a stockpile zone so peeps haul there
      • Build a roof for it
    • Build 2 coolers
      • Rotate so blue is on inside
      • Set temp in the coolers to 32 degrees F
    • Build double door chamber to keep cool air in
    • Build kitchen nearby
      • Build electric stove inside kitchen
      • Select Add/Build –> Set do until you have 20 meals.
      • Build two stools for chef
    • Put butchering table in freezer so mess is out of kitchen
  14. Defenses:
    • Go to Security, build sandbags for initial defense
    • If raid happens, draft rifleman and gunman to fight
    • Don’t forget to undraft!
  15. Prisoner?
    • Build a cell with a bed
    • Set it to prison
    • Choose how prisoner is to be treated.
    • Choose if you want to recruit.
  16. Research
    • Build research bench
    • Choose research focus
    • A good start is to research to unlock gun turetts for defense
  17. Expansion
    • Build med bay — six beds set to medical
    • Build prison — with individual prison cells
    • Update work priority as colony grows
    • Build sculptor’s table and then build large pieces of art
  18. Permanent bedrooms
    • 8×9 wall dimensions to get spaciousness buff for a single bedroom
    • Or, 5×6 if space is limited
    • Build 3 with doors
    • Move beds from original bedrooms
  19. Recreation
    • Build a horseshoes pen
    • Build art
    • Later add entertainment
  20. You’re on your own!
    • Make sure you have one person constructing
    • Make sure you have one person cooking
    • Make sure you have growing and plant cutting
    • Everyone should be on hauling

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