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Here I will share useful methods for the players who already know the basics. This guide is a work in progress. Structure, illustration and videos will be added as the game reaches its final stages of development. For now enjoy the few tips covered so far.

Everyone Hauls

Some players in the game are unable to do Hauling. Described as “Incapable of Dumb labor” in the Character tab. Like my assasin friend in the illustration below. He refuses to do practacally anyhing except killing and animal handling. How do I get him to carry stuff for me?


There are more than one way to do this, depending on the technology available and level of micromanagement you are willing to put into it. Two options…

  • Without tech or micromanagement. In Work tab make sure he is the only hunter.This forces him to bring the kills back to the storage for animal corpses. Preferably in your freeze or right next to your butchers table.
  • With tech and a bit of micromanagement. This is my favorit, but requires “Transport Pod” tech. Place a “Pod Launcher” and a “Transport Pod” close to your main storage and send him on a fake load mission. Here I’m forcing him to relocate thousands of Kibble.

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