Quasimorph: Food Guide

In order to fulfill the tasks given to you in Quasimorph, it is important that your character is strong and this depends on your good nutrition. You need to know how to make food or find food in the game. In our guide, we explained in detail the foods you need and important tips for your character’s health.

How to Make Food

A good food is essential for your character’s health and your battle victories in the game.If you have been running out of food, here are some tips that could help:

  • Collect bit more plastic to help make food
  • Craft the moo-moo more (since it gives you more calories), but in case chick-chick is up for barter trade, it might be worth making.
  • On maps without the quasimorph meter going up, all you need is 1-2 stacks of relatively-free sorbent (or maybe 1 stack of antibiotics), and a sharp blade edge, and you can cook and eat the enemy meats, and smoked lards.
  • Cooking can work with meats and skins of most humanoids, but if you also can find a metal can (or can bring in 1 stack of 2 canned foods), you can also cook some insect meats like from spiders, into tasty soups.
  • You can do the same with quasi-meter maps but will need some quasi-reducing items like cigarettes and whiskeys (but trading with the church faction especially often gives several bottles which is cool.
  • If you can do some actions without sprinting, it can save on calories
  • If you cross a corridor, or crossroads path more than once, to clear out rooms, you can drag/dump stuff on the ground to become lighter in weight, and burn less calories (which also then lets you pick up stuff from the room to bring out for final selections etc).
  • Search all enemies when you can, as they can also have food items on them (especially when there is a stack of them, it can be easy to miss a tab to click on which might be the one hoarding all the food)
  • Some factions specialise in food trading, (for example Sunlight Coven gave me 5 pop drinks and 5 food items for just 1 stack of 10 armour plates that i had spare, worth 30 in trade).
  • Something else that might seem obvious, but could happen in a mission, is to eat some food in the heat of battle like when there is still an enemy on the map, but eating it when it would potentially waste some calories, like having 1500 out of 1800 and choosing to eat a moo-moo worth 450 for example, might seem ok in the circumstances of looming battle, but is still actually wasting 150 calories, and is worth bearing in mind just before eating as the wastage can all add up too).

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