Red Dead Redemption 2 Cover Sadie Walkthrough

Cover Sadie Walkthrough RDR2 1. Use Dead Eye To Spot & Shoot Enemies Your gun’s scope will […]

Cover Sadie Walkthrough RDR2

  • Once the cutscene ends, ride with Sadie until you reach the Van Horn pier area
  • After another cutscene, climb up the lighthouse to the left to cover Sadie
  • Once you reach the top of the lighthouse, you’ll get another cutscene
  • You’ll regain control and you’ll be using the scope of your gun
  • Cover Sadie as she makes her way through the pier, using your gun to snipe out enemies in her path
  • Once Sadie makes her way to the Van Horn Trading Post, another cutscene will initiate

1. Use Dead Eye To Spot & Shoot Enemies

Your gun’s scope will be foggy and it’ll be hard to spot enemies. Use Dead Eye to highlight their bodies & find the fatal regions so you can one-shot them.

2. Snipe Fast To Keep Sadie Alive

You’ll automatically fail this mission if Sadie is killed, so make sure you snipe enemies fast to keep her alive.

Red Dead Redemption Cover Sadie quest is completed.

How to Earn Gold Medal

  1. Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse
  2. After Sadie is captured, reach Abigail and Sadie within 1 minute
  3. Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  4. Complete the mission without taking any health items

Next is up: Rescue Sadie & Abigail

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  1. Josh Kearney

    This mission is a piece of sht. Can see the enemy. Just have to scan hope your cross hairs turn red

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