Where to Find Mr. Wrobel in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Money Lending and Other Sins is a main story mission.

To complete this quest we need to find Mr Wrobel

Where to Find Mr. Wrobel

This guide follows how to collect the debt from Mr. Wrobel, who can be found west of camp on the other side of the Dakota River.

Once you’re in the area Mr. Wroble was last seen, as evidenced by the notification on the upper left hand of the screen, go into the house.

Mr. Wroble doesn’t speak English, but you can gather he’s pretty broke. Beat him until he agrees to let you loot his house.

  • Find his valuables in the cabinet in the corner to the left of him.

  • There’s a fine bottle of brandy in the cabinet in the kitchenette area.

  • There’s an Antique Watch by the door.

That’s pretty much all that’s worth taking. Now return to camp with it. You can see where to turn it in by the yellow suitcase-looking marker with the $ on it at camp, or reference the map below.
Money Lending and Other Sins mission continues…
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      1. I’ve looted this house before and now I’m stucked, I left the yellow area in order to fail the mission and restart it, but always the same problem, all drawers are opened and empty expect the cabinets in the corner and side table behind Mr Wroble which you didn’t mention

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