Red Dead Redemption 2 – Help the Girls Quest

Help the Girls

Unfortunately, this good news is soured by the other two women who went off to rob some men. You’ll see Jackson across the street, being harassed by a man.

Simply point your gun at him to intimidate him enough to back off. He’ll walk away, and you’ll be tasked with finding Karen next.

Simply turn to the right from where Jackson was, and enter the door there that has “HOT MEALS” written next to it.


Find Karen in 45 seconds to meet the requirements for the Gold Medal during this mission. Talk to the man at the counter, then run up the stairs and make a right. It’s the second door on the right – room 2B. Use circle/b to kick open the door and find Karen.

After you’ve found Karen in room 2B on the right at the top of the stairs, beat up the man who was accosting her. You can stay behind to loot the room, or you can follow her out immediately. There’s nothing of particular value inside – about $1 worth of stuff.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Help the Girls is done.

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