How to Avoid Getting Banned in Red Dead Redemption 2

Getting banned from Red Dead Redemption 2 can be a frustrating experience for players, but it […]

Getting banned from Red Dead Redemption 2 can be a frustrating experience for players, but it can also be easily avoided by following some simple guidelines. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting banned in Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR2 How to Avoid Getting Banned

The Gist:

Rockstar has 0 tolerance for cheaters. That means that if you do something against ToS and EULA, even if you are not the one who initiated that but ultimately were the one to gain from it, you will be a person punished it with no means to appeal. Obviously, I am referring to cheating here. Here I will tell you how to avoid losing your progress and getting a monthly ban (or longer).

What Not to Do?

Basically, you do not want to invite any one you do not know to your possee or be invited into a possee you do not know. Why? Because once you are in a possee a cheater can teleport to your camp whilst you are out and about and donate you some sort of items that can be used as materials or sold, like say a million feathers. Of course being in possession of those unfairly gained feathers is against the rules and you will be the one punished for it.

What not to do:

  • So, do not leave an open possee
  • Do not invite random people in, even if they seem friendly at 1st, they can be quite deceptive
  • Try not to join any possee you do not know

I know it can be boring as it is an online experience but I recommend only playing with friends or by yourself. I mostly play alone and I have achieved a lot.

There is also a new way dupers (people who can glitch an item into the game unfairly) and cheaters are trying to get people banned. Here is what I saw a few days ago before I posted this:

There was a perfect cougar lying by the butcher in Saint Denis. I think to myself, weird. I look on the radar I see a blue blip on it. I open the map, I locate the persons name using the map. The person is standing nearby the butcher but here is the kicker! He is *invisible*. So he was waiting for someone to pick up the cougar and sell it to the butcher for their own amusement. Probably was going to report the person as well, knowing full well they would be banned. They are not afraid of bans as they often get accounts by unfairly means.

I start accusing the person using his nickname and telling I would report him. Next thing I see his blip on the radar is running away from me and then after a short chase he quits the lobby. Unfortunately, I did not report him in time.

What not to do in this situation:

  • Do not pick up animal materials and corpses lying conveniently by places where you can sell them
  • Try not to steal animal corpses from random players too, you never know how they obtained them in the 1st place, whether they spawned them in and now trying to sell or duped them in. Maybe they are riding around and waiting for someone to shoot them and sell them. I know that it can be quite tempting
  • And in future. just try not to fall for Free things that look out of place, as you know the only thing free is cheese in the mousetrap.
  • Just avoid interacting with cheaters and their items in general, who knows what else they can do to you. Wanna be 100% safe? Quit the lobby.


  • Do not leave your possee open
  • Do not join random possee
  • Do not invite randomers into your possee, play with people you know
  • Do not take items (animal skins, corpses etc.) lying by the butcher without owners
  • Do not steal items like animal skins and corpses from randomers for sale or even skinning (must not appear in your inventory)
  • Do not take freebies from players or bad advice (what if they make you dupe something, just don’t listen to them)
    (The following 2 points are extra precaution not a necessity)
  • Generally avoid cheaters if you want to be 100% safe, do not interact with them, quit the lobby
  • Do not fight their spawned NPCs maybe they will change the EXP you get, just to be safe (this one has not been done yet or confirmed but I added it just to make sure you don’t get a ban by accident, it might be unfair XP after all)

All these things can lead you to a potential ban with a character reset. Imagine if you worked hard for 200 hours and boom. Everything is gone, even most of the gold if you’ve spent it.

Do not cheat and have fun PvPing someone ’till they cry! Or just Roam and PVE!

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