Sakura Succubus 6 Walkthrough

Welcome to our Sakura Succubus 6 Achievement Guide & Walkthrough. This guide will show you the […]

Welcome to our Sakura Succubus 6 Achievement Guide & Walkthrough. This guide will show you the achievements and the walkthrough. Everything you need is in this guide.

Sakura Succubus 6 Achievement Guide & Walkthrough

Our guide will be updated with new information.


  • Start a new game

More than a Dream

  • Meet up with Ayu and Cosmos

Rise and Shine

  • Personal made alarm
  • It’s the perfect length!

Cutting Loose

  • Stephania is warming up to you
  • I’m pretty fond of that, too!
  • How about “Wifey”?

Stephania is my Waifu

  • Call Steffy your waifu
  • Important.

Like a fairytale

  • Kiss Astoria’s princess
  • Tell Stephania that you’ll protect her.
  • I hope you don’t mind too much?

Aim for the Ace

  • Watch Hazel workout
  • I think you shine plenty already.

Perfect Victory

  • Hazel won the Competition




  • Hifumi’s looking after Hazel
  • I think I’m starting to see karuta’s appeal.
  • Stephania.

A motherly Hug

  • Hifumi pulls Stephania into a hug
  • Yes, I do.

To the Victor the Spoils

  • Kiss HIfumi
  • I’ll miss Stephania…

For Milady’s Sake

  • Hear the maid’s threat

Yue makes a Scene

  • The Person you’ve called…

Reunited again

  • Get suprised at work

About Sakura Succubus 6

This Visual Novel picks up where Sakura Sucubus 5 left off, Ogasawara Hiroki finds himself in Astoria: a small European country with a chilly climate, where it often snows.

Hiroki went to Astoria as Hifumi’s plus one, after the famous actress and reigning karuta queen was invited to stay in the royal palace at Princess Stephania’s behest. Stephania originally intended to challenge Hifumi to another karuta match, after previously losing to her – but, upon meeting Hiroki, Stephania soon falls for him.

Hiroki used to be average, but now his life is anything but!

Will Hiroki’s relationship with Stephania work out? Will the pair of them be able to stay together, even when Hiroki returns to Japan – and, perhaps more worryingly, will Hiroki be able to withstand the hatred of his co-workers.

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