Soul Knight Gift Code List

Working Soul Knight promo codes that we checked all one by one.

Soul Knight is a pixel shooter with a top-down view, where players explore procedure-generated underground. They have to fight crowds of enemies including mighty bosses, look for weapons and deal with different side quests.

Not many people know that there is an extra menu in the game to enter cheat codes. These codes can give you a certain amount of gems. Using this in-game currency you can unlock new classes and level-up the ones you already have, buy pets, guns, and many other things.

All Gift Codes for Soul Knight

Codes in Soul Knight are divided into 2 categories – some of them work unconditionally, but to use the other you have to change a date on your smartphone with Android to 1 May 2017. Otherwise, it might not work.

In any case, we recommend to check your phone settings and set this date, then launch the game, and click the ‘’cogwheel’’ symbol on the main screen at the bottom left. There are several sections in the settings menu, find the button with the ‘’lock’’ symbol in it.

  1. 3QPlayer
  2. SKback2023
  4. DRUID
  6. TDY8E
  7. WIERD
  9. QDKYS
  10. MIAO
  11. SUPER5
  12. IROBOT
  14. WISH
  16. 100000
  17. SKGIFT
  20. GARDEN

Expired Promo Codes

LWYXZYBGX – 800 gems
HMBSJ – 369 gems
QDKYS – 577 gems
DXGTM – 600 gems
NEWHALL – 999 gems
BYETIGER – 777 gems
GOSDAD – 666 gems
DESTLAD – 1111 gems
18NTDRO – 1010 gems
ROMMO – 800 gems
GDX6KK – 888 gems
6KKNTQE – 1000 gems
SUPER5 – 666 gems | Free Trial Voucher x 3
Expired codes (Change your phone’s time to 1 May 2017 to claim):
DZBKQ – 888 gems
51KUAILE – 1000 gems
LBLGYB – 1000 gems
ZIJIREN – 666 gems
LTZJR – 666 gems
SQSHBB – 500 gems

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  1. Thanks for the code!!! Just bought the assassin I tried so hard to play the game, I didn’t even know there was a gift code entry

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