Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light Unlocks

Super Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light Unlocks Guide

Unlike the other methods, the path to unlocking fighters in Adventure Mode can be the most rigorous and time-consuming. While some captive fighters can be found relatively quickly in the World of Light’s sprawling map – the bulk of fighters you can unlock are hidden away across the map and beyond – and can take you upwards of 20-30 hours to find them all.

Unique to this mode – you only start with Kirby, and must unlock the rest of the cast including the other original 7 fighters, and each of the Mii Fighters. Any character you unlock in other modes won’t show up here – but those you unlock in the World of Light will show up back in other Smash Modes if you haven’t found them already.

Fighter Location
Mario Starting Area
Marth* Starting Area
Sheik* Starting Area
Villager* Starting Area
*You can only choose one of these characters at the start – the others will be locked off until you complete a dungeon or backtrack around to them.
Captain Falcon Raceway – Villager’s Path
Link Southern Great Plateau – Villager’s Path
Olimar Mushroom Platforms – Marth’s Path, requires Kammy Koopa’s Spirit to cross the mushrooms
PAC-MAN Edge of the Mushroom Platforms – Marth’s Path
Jigglypuff River Woods – Sheik’s Path
Mii Swordfighter Eastern Town – Sheik’s Path
Isabelle Eastern Town, take the secret path from the Northwestern Town using Kapp’n (Wild World) Spirit
Yoshi Ribbon Road, North of River Woods
Dr. Mario Edge of Ribbon Road and Lumiose City
Pikachu Cliffside Rapids
Peach Inside the Molten Castle Dungeon, at the top of the Cliffside Rapids
Bowser Inside the Molten Castle Dungeon, at the top of the Cliffside Rapids
Lucario Great Wall south of Rapid Falls
Ryu Complete World Tour Zone at airport between Great Plateau and Mushroom Platforms, required Kapp’n Spirit
Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle, west of Mushroom Platforms
Wii Fit Trainer Lumiose City
Inkling Console City, south of Lumiose City
Fox Heart Pool Mountain, west of Ribbon Road
Mega Man Metal Gear Base, south of Kongo Jungle, requires Hal Emmerich Spirit
Snake Inside the Metal Gear Base Dungeon
Duck Hunt Poison Woods
Pichu Inside the Power Plant Zone, located in the Poison Woods
Little Mac On the edge of Lumiose City, complete the Power Plant Zone to unlock his path
Lucas Northwestern Town
Ice Climbers Frozen Mountain, North of Northwestern Town
Simon Temple of Light Zone, requires all three colored switches to be activated to lower barriers in the far northwest
Pit Temple of Light Zone
Falco Outer Space, north of the Frozen Mountain (Requires Slippy Toad Spirit)
Samus Across the Canyon after clearing the Temple of Light
Mr. Game & Watch Pac-Maze area, go through the teleporters to reach him
Diddy Kong In the Jungle Japes Zone, East of the Pac-Maze
Pokemon Trainer South of the Jungle Japes Zone
Mii Gunner On the Alola Islands, requires the Lapras Spirit
Toon Link In the Forest Hill Zone on the Alola Islands
Shulk At the top of the Waterfall Peak, Northeast of the Pac-Maze
Zero Suit Samus Near the peak of the Raging Volcano, Northeast of the Train Tracks
Ness In the Magicant Land, North of the Great Canyon
King Dedede In the Gourmet Race Zone, on the Floating Islands Northwest of the Raging Volcano

Character Unlock Maps

Character Unlock Map: The Dark Realm

The following characters can only be unlocked once you have cleared the first area in the World of Light and fought Galeem, and made your way into the Dark Realm. Note that many more characters are found in each of the three dungeons found in the Dark Realm, listed in more detail below.

Fighter Location
Incineroar Dark Realm – West
Lucina Dark Realm – East
Rosalina & Luma Dark Realm – North

Character Unlock Map: Sacred Land

The following characters are all located in the Sacred Land dungeon located in the Dark Realm – West. Some characters are required to be unlocked in order to progress, while others are more hidden by puzzles or simply optional fights.
Fighter Location
Young Link Located at the end of the Lost Woods region, follow the Owl Statue clues and defeat Saria’s spirit to reveal the path to him
Chrom Located in the Lost Woods region, open the chest by the lake and interact again to find a secret path to the fighter
Zelda Located in the Village region, use the Owl Statue clues to light the torches like clock hands representing 12:10, and defeat Impa’s spirit to reveal the path to her
Mii Brawler Located in the Village region, use one of the Owl Statue’s clues to light the torches like clock hands representing 04:40 to reveal this fighter
Sonic Located just below the Master Sword region
Cloud Located in the Master Sword region, which is unlocked after defeating both Young Link and Zelda
Bowser Jr. Located in the Gerudo Desert region by taking the more challenging left “Path of Wisdom”, unlock the desert by claiming the Master Sword
Ganondorf Located at the very top of the Gerudo Fortress region
Character Unlock Map: Dracula’s Castle
The following characters are all located in the Dracula’s Castle dungeon located in the Dark Realm – East. Some of these characters are located along the main path to the boss, while many are either hiding behind puzzles or will only be revealed under certain conditions.

Fighter Location
Daisy Located in the first building’s balcony, shoot the Phantom using the cannon on the ledge above.
Wario Located on the first building’s ramparts behind a barrier, use the switch on the rooftops to the left to raise the barrier
Ridley Located in the Underground area, defeat the Creature and Flea Man Spirit in the building above to reveal the fighter
Ken Located in the second main building’s left balcony, destroy the Phantom by using the cannon in the underground by bouncing the shot off a barrier moved by a switch
Dark Pit This fighter can be found on the roof of the second main building, located by traveling up the fireplace on the third floor of the building before the stairs to the ramparts
Robin You can find this fighter guarded by Phantoms in the Clocktower. To destroy the Phantom, make sure the barrier that blocked Wario is back to its vertical standing and use the lower left cannon in the Clocktower to bank a shot upwards
Richter This fighter can be found just outside Dracula’s room and boss area, but he will not appear until you have used the cannons and silver cannonballs to destroy all Phantoms in the castle – use barriers to specific cannons to take out multiple targets
Character Unlock Map: Mysterious Dimension
The following characters can be found in the Mysterious Dimension Dungeon which is located in the Dark Realm – North. This dungeon features many trivia sections, and many of the optional routes can open up paths to some of these fighters.
Fighter Location
R.O.B. Take the right path after the first trivia section and defeat the Redd Spirit to find passage to this fighter
Greninja Located on the main route through the dungeon after correctly defeating Zant at the zelda-themed trivia section
Wolf Head up after defeating Greninja to a side trivia section and defeat the Andross Spirit to find a path to a broken plane where this fighter is
Corrin Located on a small side path after defeating the Raymond Bryce Spirit, not long after Greninja
Ike This fighter is found along the main path of the dungeon after correctly defeating the Lissa Spirit at the Fire Emblem trivia section
Mewtwo Located in a secret path after Ike by traveling down to defeat the Regigigas Spirit, defeat the Whispy Woods Spirit at the Kirbytrivia section to find a path to this fighter
King K. Rool At the Kirby trivia section where Mewtwo is located, you can also defeat the Scarfy Spirit to find another path to a Castlevania trivia section. Defeat Trevor C. Belmont’s Spirit to open a path to a pirate ship where this fighter is located.
Meta Knight Located along the main path of the dungeon, head upwards after defeating Ike
Luigi You can find this fighter on a secret path by going left after defeating Meta Knight to fight a Link Spirit, which opens a path to this fighter
Character Unlock Map: The Final Battle
These last characters can only be found in the Final Battle area of the game, which is accessed after clearing all three of the dungeons in the Dark Realm and fighting the boss that appears, taking you to a new map. All fighters area are located in front of a Crazy or Master Hand, some of which will not be seen at first.

Fighter Location
Dark Samus Located on the top left side of the map just below the first Crazy Hand
Roy Located on the top right side of the map just below the first Master Hand
Bayonetta This fighter is in an area that is only revealed after defeating the first Crazy Hand on the map, after which a new area appears in the bottom left side
Palutena You can find this fighter in an area that appears after defeating the first Master Hand on the map, and a new area will appear in the bottom right side where the fighter is hiding

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