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Tank Mechanic Simulator – Make Money Fast

How to Make Money Fast?

What to Do (Step by Step)

  • Step 1: Create a Profile
  • Step 2: Invest your Prestige in “Shop Discount” and “Repairtime decrease and Repaircost decrease”

  • Step 3: Open the Sparepart Shop and select the Sherman Tank
  • Step 4: Select worst category
  • Step 5: Browse for the Turretcage
  • Step 6: Select one

  • Step 7: Klick on the “pay” button (Dont accept now)

  • Step 8: click 9 further times on the Turret (behinde the overlay)

  • Step 9: Accept the price

  • Step 10: Repeat Step 3-9 Until you got as many Units as you want (I took 100 for that example)
  • Step 11: Close the shop and open your inventory
  • Step 12: Smile because you got a bunch of turrets and just payed 10%
  • Step 13: Click the “Select All” Button.
  • Step 14: Click on Repair. An incredible ammount on costs will be shown, but dont mind
  • Step 15: double hit the Esc-Button on your Keyboard (doesn’t work with just closing the menu)
  • Step 16: Go back to main menu
  • Step 17: Join the game again
  • Step 18: Open your inventory. The turrets will start to repair
  • Step 19: Sell them all

  • Step 20: $$$

Thats how you turn 720$ in 150000$

After the first run of that i wouldn’t recommend that “go back to main menu” thing. Just pay for the repair.

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