INTELLIGENCE OF THE WORLD is the second Prime Sanctum that can be accessed through the hidden Perfect Gate in [6-2: AESTHETICS OF HATE]; This is only possible by achieving an “Excellent” rank in every mission in the Law and completing [P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR]. Check out our ULTRAKILL P-2 Guide without wasting your time!

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the ULTRAKILL game. If you <aare one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our ULTRAKILL guide.


Welcome to our ULTRAKILL P-2 WAIT THE WORLD guide. INTELLIGENCE OF THE WORLD is the second Prime Sanctum that can be accessed through the hidden Perfect Gate in [6-2: AESTHETICS OF HATE]; This is only possible by achieving an “Excellent” rank in every mission in the Law and completing [P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR].


However, the P-2 contains a number of arenas in addition to tight spaces, numerous enemies and demonic Idols, along with an extremely challenging, multi-stage boss battle that is much more challenging than [P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR]. every mid-level boss the player has ever encountered.

P-2 Boss

This is a quick and easy guide to help those struggling with the final boss of P2!

For starters, we should talk patterns. The Big Strong Man is extremely fast so it is important to use all of our senses. Listen for sound cues if you can, and remember if he is not in front of you he is probably above you.

Now, there are two ways to beat this Boss. The first way is fairly simple, shoot the boss until he dies and do not get hit. Easy.

Or you can fall out of the walls, which is great because he happens to be allergic to the void. So be prepared!

How do you get out of The Walls? It is easy! Struggle for about an hour and somehow clip though. After waiting a few moments, he should self destruct due to allergies.

P-2 Major Areas

Bleeding Palace

A red tinted palace, where it rains blood, and the windows are stained red in a macabre display; taking after Heresy’s color palette.

It takes about thirty seconds of walking to reach to the first arena section, which is an extremely small room containing four Cerberus that simply appear out of nowhere just before the player would pass the exit door. Once two of the Cerberus are defeated, a Ferryman spawns, in its first appearance as a normal enemy outside of the Cyber Grind. Once all the Cerberus are defeated, two Virtues will appear, but outside the arena, meaning they can only be destroyed after the Ferryman is defeated and the exit door finally opens.

Entering into a larger area resembling a street, with a door locked by a blue pedestal to the left, the only option is to head down the path to the right, where four Schisms, a Swordsmachine, two Sentries, a Mindflayer and two more Virtues spawn. An Idol will also spawn in the next room, inaccessible, and will bless the Mindflayer. The Mindflayer will thus be invincible for the current room, does not need to be killed to progress, and will follow V1 into the next room.

Leading into a tight corridor, a Cerberus spawns in with three Streetcleaners, which must be defeated to progress into the final chamber of this short detour.

Entering into a large, auditorium-like chamber, the Idol that has been blessing the very persistent Mindflayer from the previous room will be visible, inside a protective glass box, alongside another Idol in an identical box, which blesses another Mindflayer that spawns upon entering the room. These two Mindflayers will thus be constant nuisances for this entire arena. At the same time, two Swordsmachines will appear on either side of the room, and a Sentry spawns near the Idols. After killing these, two Virtues enter the fight, along with two Malicious Faces. Once these are defeated, the glass around both Idols will open, allowing them to be smashed and finally rendering the two Mindflayers open to attack. Upon killing the Mindflayers, a final container will open, revealing the blue skull.

Grabbing the Blue Skull and backtracking to the street-like area, two Sisyphean Insurrectionists will drop down just before the checkpoint. Defeating them allows the skull to be placed on the pedestal back near the entrance to this area, opening a gate to continue forward.

Spiraling Tunnel of Blood

Upon first entering, there are two platforms in the middle of a seemingly rotating tunnel of blood. From here, two Malicious Faces and two Virtues spawn, one above each platform, along with a Sentry at the far end by the door.

This door leads to a replica of the last chamber, with two Cerberus and two Sentries spawning, one on each platform, and a Malicious Face at the end. The gate at the end of this room leads to the final “normal” arena of the level.

Chamber of the Stalker

Once inside of a large, court-like room, a Ferryman, four Strays, two Swordsmachines and a Stalker appear. This room also contains two more Idols, housed inside glass boxes. One of the Idols does nothing, while the other blesses the Stalker, allowing it to survive its self-destruct, thus giving it the potential to Sand every enemy in the room if left unchecked.

Upon killing all but the Idols and Stalker, a Hideous Mass spawns in, which the idle Idol blesses immediately. At the same time, four Sentries, one at each corner of the chamber, appear all at once. The blessed Stalker will attempt to always Sand the Hideous Mass first, meaning it is virtually impossible to prevent the Mass from being sanded before it can be made vulnerable.

Once the Sentries are defeated, four Cerberus spawn around the Mass in the center of the room, along with three Virtues, appearing far above, close to the level’s invisible ceiling. At the same time, the glass around the second idol moves, allowing the Idol blessing the Hideous Mass to be destroyed, exposing it. Upon the defeat of all enemies in the room save the blessed Stalker, the glass around the first Idol will finally retract, allowing it to be destroyed, which at last exposes the defenseless Stalker to receive the agonizing death it so richly deserves.

Once this arena is completed, the gate to the next room is opened, revealing a chain-supported lift that leads down to the true Prime Sanctum.

Inner Sanctum

Descending into the Sanctum, reveals a large, grey-tinted, tunnel-like room, with a great gate in front, and a Terminal, displaying buttons to unlock three locks, labeled A, B, and C. Unlocking them all opens the great door to the next area, housing another Terminal, with another gate blocking your path, this time having a glowing yellow skull in the middle. Upon pressing the button to open the door, the Terminal gives you a choice. Each answer has a different response, but will open the door anyways.

Selecting Yes: “Follow Protocol. Do NOT approach it. Do NOT let it see you. And most importantly, h a v e f u n !”

Selecting No: “hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha a s i f y o u h a d a c h o i c e”

Panopticon Sanctum

A large octagonal room houses the Flesh Panopticon. The room itself has many red doors in the style of the Heresy layer, while the Panopticon itself lies in the center of it all.

The battle against the Flesh Panopticon, though cut short, leads directly into the battle against Sisyphus Prime, after which the exit door in the back of the room opens, leading to one final Terminal and the end of the level.




  • The name “Wait of the World” is a play on words of the phrase “weight of the world”. It is also a reference to the Kayo Dot song “The Wait of the World”.
  • Unlike the first Prime Sanctum, [ P-1: SOUL SURVIVOR ], whose sole purpose is to house the bosses Flesh Prison and Minos Prime, P-2 is a fully-fledged level with rooms, arenas, and plenty of enemies leading up to the actual boss encounter. Seemingly aware of how this difference would catch many players off guard, the first arena in the level is not marked by a locked door until the moment the fight begins, and the main battle theme does not start until after the first arena is completed.
  • Like [ 1-S: THE WITLESS ], this level will return the player to [ 6-2: AESTHETICS OF HATE ] upon completion instead of the next level in sequence.
  • P-2 has the current highest S-rank requirement for Style in the game.
  • The intro theme of P-2 is a short, corrupted loop of “Weihnachten am Klavier” by Wilhelm Ohmen.
  • It translates to “Christmas at the Piano” in German.
  • Theme #1 of P-2, titled “Tenebre Rosso Sangue”, is the theme for the arenas leading up to the inner sanctum, and was written by guest artist KEYGEN CHURCH, aka MASTER BOOT RECORD.
  • The title translates to “Blood Red Darkness” in Italian.
  • Theme #2, titled Pandemonium, is the theme of the Flesh Panopticon, and was written by Hakita.
  • Theme #3, titled [Unknown][1], is the theme of Sisyphus Prime, written by Hakita.
  • During the buildup to the release of The Wait of the World Update, an ARG revolving around P-2 was hosted by Hakita and Master Boot Record. Here’s a short video explaining everything that was discovered.
  • The rewards for the ARG were the first teaser image of the Flesh Panopticon, then called simply “PANOPTICON,” a plaintext file with ASCII art by aNACHRONiST, and the bonus track “UltraChurch”, a song Master Boot Record wrote before “Tenebre Rosso Sangue”.
  • Many correctly theorized that PANOPTICON was the Flesh Prison for P-2, due to their similar appearances and the fact that a panopticon is a type of correctional facility.
  • The ASCII art file also includes the telnet address for aNACHRONiST’s bulletin board system, aBSiNTHE BBS, which is common practice in the underground BBS community. The server, running on an Amiga 1200, was accidentally DDOSed the day of the ARG by thousands of users thinking it was part of the puzzle.
  • Master Boot Record describes “UltraChurch” as a nod to “Running From Evil” from the Doom 2 soundtrack.
  • The cover art for “UltraChurch” is by Valenberg, and was an earlier version of the “Tenebre Rosso Sangue” cover.

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