Yomi Hustle Beginner Tips

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Which character? There are 4 main characters in “Yomi Hustle” the one you are going to play is?

Updated on 02.11.2023

Yomi Hustle Beginner Tips

Welcome to our Yomi Hustle Beginner Tips guide. This guide will show you how to play your one move, hurry! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Your Only Move Is HUSTLE game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Your Only Move Is HUSTLE guide.

How to Play your Selected Character

So we selected wizard as our character, now what we need to do is enter a singleplayer match and get versed in the wizard’s skilled moveset.

So first move you want to familiarize yourself with is liftoff (missile form) if you toggle fastfall and point yourself upwards at an angle you bunnyhop and do funny wizard things
The other basic moves are also pretty important to learn so learn those too

Now You Must Learn The Art of The Orb

Ponder the orb for at least 5 minutes while in your singleplayer game, if it does not reveal its secrets then you are not yet ready. However i’m just gonna reveal the secrets here:
When you have your orb out you should be constantly moving it to your advantage, this is a skill learned with playtime.
The move “Conjure weapon” interacts with orb. When you cast conjure weapon 4 swords spin in a circle around your orb and they mutilate people with ease
If your opponent is scared of you and runs away you can orb tether and then toggle hover and when you move your orb in this state you move with your orb. This allows you to hurl yourself at your enemy with the force of a hypersonic missile.
The orb shoots projectiles, these are useful.

Ok now after we finished pondering the orb we need to get some bad habits out of the way.
The wizards projectile moves are pretty good but they are only good if you use them effectively. If you spam them then they are going to do nothing but annoy your opponent and give you depression. However a well timed magic missile or spark bomb is devastating to your enemy, and is useful when prolonging combos.
It’s a bad idea to only use one of the abilites in the wizard’s toolset, you want to use them all in tandem with each other to deal maximum damage to your opponent, mentally and physically.

The wizard’s geyser move is very powerful when used correctly, so use it correctly and you will be fine.

Yomi Hustle Beginner Combo Tips and Trix

If your opponent is not using their di wheel then you can easily get them into an infinite combo with just two of the wizard’s abilities: tome slap and mana strike
Step one: tome slap your opponent
Step two: cast mana strike where your opponent will land in such a way that they will fly back to you.
You have now achieved an infinite combo.

Avoid using geyser in combos because it usually just lets the enemy get out of your combo.
Tome slap and lava strike are the wizard’s fastest moves, lava strike does more damage i think and if you can use it over tome slap then you probably should.

Free Cancels

Underneath your health bar you will see an indicator of how many Free Cancels you have, this is represented by two crosses

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

These can be used in conjunction with most some but not all moves by toggling the Free button when selecting a move

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

Using a Free Cancel allows you the opportunity to cancel your selected move into any other move whenever your opponent in next actionable. This allows you to select an move that might take a long time to cover an opponents option and being able to change your mind if they do something else.

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

In the GIF above you can see that if the Wizard had not Free Cancelled their initial attack the Cowboy would have been able to easily punish it with a High Block, by swapping to a Low Kick they were able to force the Cowboy try and guess what option they would pick.

Importantly though you will only be able to react if your opponent becomes actionable, if they commit to an attack that will hit you before they are actionable you won’t have the opportunity to cancel your move.

Finally, Free Cancels only regenerate when you get hit, getting hit will regenerate both your free cancels.

There is a lot more depth involved in properly using Free Cancels but they are outside the scope of this guide, play around and experiment and you’ll quickly start to see that it opens up the whole game.

Whiff Cancels

Whiff Cancels act much like Free Cancels for the previous section, except that they do not have to be toggled on and instead use your BURST meter. You also do not get access to all your options like you would with a Free Cancel.

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

When you are in the middle of executing your chosen move and the opponent becomes actionable you will have the option to Whiff Cancel. This can be a good option, especially if you don’t have any Free Cancels or simply forgot to select one. However the downside of Whiff Cancels lies in that it uses a large portion of your BURST meter to do (about 75%), BURST will be explained more in the next section.

Importantly as mentioned before, you do not get ALL your options when doing a Whiff Cancel. You will not be able to dodge, move, block or use all your offensive options.

I’ve included an image below comparing all Wizards normal options VS their options after Whiff Cancelling.

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners
YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners
Important Note on Whiff Cancel:

You’ve likely already seen whiff cancel (green colored option) appear after using an attack. However, what isn’t immediately clear is that whiff cancel consumes 3/4ths of your burst meter on use. Thus, whiff cancel should be saved for emergencies or for mixing up the opponent in specific situations only.

If you don’t already know, whiff cancel is available whenever the opponent has a turn but you are still in an attack state that was not free cancelled. It allows you to act as if you had free cancelled and cancel your current attack, however, you are only able to select attack options or doing nothing, thus, you cannot cancel into a block or a dodge.

Burst – Yomi Hustle Beginner Tips

Once your BURST meter is full (indicated by it saying BURST!!) you will have access to the burst move when you are in hit stun.

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners
YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

By using the burst move when your opponent has hit you, you can break out of a combo early and reset back to neutral where neither you or your opponent have much of an advantage. Doing this will completely empty your BURST meter. This helps reduce the damage you take and forces your opponent to play around the burst move.

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

However a burst can be parried if an opponent predicts it, this will leave you in the combo without access to burst until your meter fills up. This means your opponent can do very safe combo’s leading to massive damage. So while burst is extremely good you should remember it is not 100% safe.

YOMI Hustle Basics for Beginners

It is also important to remember that Whiff Cancelling from the previous section uses your BURST meter as a resource.

Directional Input (DI) – Yomi Hustle Beginner Tips

On both sides of the controls, there is a large blue wheel with the text DI above it. This wheel allows you to indicate a direction to influence knockback against you, simulating joystick directional input in a fighting game. While you may see some importance in this, there is another very important fact: the longer a combo against you goes on, the more powerful your DI becomes. Without using DI, combos may go on far longer than they would have otherwise, especially if you mixup the opponent using your DI and are able to land or fly out of reach. Additionally, your opponent may mess up if you move yourself using the knockback from a projectile with a specific DI and completely miss an attack. To avoid doing this yourself, try to predict what the opponent may select for DI using the DI wheel on their side of the controls.

Super Meter and Super Actions

Super meter can be found above your moves and is represented by a bar that shows your current level of Super (0-9) and a pink bar that fills up from a number of things (hitting an opponent, moving towards your opponent, getting hit by an opponent, doing certain attacks or ‘hustle’).

Super can be used to perform Super actions (usually very powerful options), most of these are character specific but some are available to all characters such as instant cancel and burst cancel (note that burst cancel does not use the super bar but uses your whole burst meter).

The cost of each super varies between moves, the current list is as follows (this might change depending on Ivy Sly).


Instant Cancel – 1


  • Quick Slash – 1
  • Caltrops – 3


  • Instant Teleport – 1
  • 1000 Cuts – 3


  • Spark Bomb – 1
  • Orb – 3


  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon – 1 (requires LOIC bar to be full)
  • Magnetize – 2
  • Kill Process – 3 (note that this uses all your levels and does more damage the more you have, it requires a minimum of 3 though)

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