YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

Welcome to our YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide. Are you a weeb? […]

Welcome to our YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide. Are you a weeb? Do you like sweets? Do you like a sweet diabetic OTK? Do you also hate Nibiru? Do you like saving UR? Grinding the ranked matchups? Then this guide is for you!

YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

Why Madolche and Not X

If you’re still asking yourself why are you playing this sweet archetype, then get out of here. This guide is not going to claim that this is top tier (even tho it has the potential to), but yeah.

Magilene is mai waifu.

But seriously…

Main Advantages

  • It’s extremely recursive.
  • It’s surprisingly resilient.
  • It has way too many starters that go into all your options, so it’s consistent.
  • It’s a rouge pick that can last you through so many matches.
  • It can test how much you actually know your YGO, and as such can be extremely rewarding to play.

Main Disadvantages

  • It (like many other rouge-tier decks) have bottlenecks. These are what you call effects that definitely need to proc (activate).
  • Like its real counterpart, it consumes alot of CP-SR slots. I know it can’t beat Budget Tribrigade but Sky Striker beats this deck in the budget department. Ow.
  • There can be some conflicts when trying to combo with this deck, particularly with how sometimes you need to have no cards in the GY.

So if you’re ready to learn the ways of the diabetes, let’s go and take candies from these Master Duel babies!

Main Deck Cards (from Beloved Dolls Secret Pack)

Madolche Magilene [SR]

YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building
YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building

My waifu, so she deserves top spot. She’s one of your starters, and she fetches your Pettingcesseur (more later), and herself. If you combo with Madolche Salon (more later), you can even get Rafflesia (see Non-Core Cards) and say fk you to all handtraps.

Get 3. No questions asked.

Madolche Pettingcesseur [SR]

YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building
YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building

Protecc. Pattable. Also, she is your other main starter, she fetches her sister Puddingcess (more later) (and any other move is heresy), and goes directly for your main Xyz play. Some people think think that she’s the bottleneck of your combo, and that’s only partially correct. If your Pettingcess gets cancelled, just make Abyss Dweller or something with Magilene then cry that they can’t proc anything in the GY.

Get 3. No questions asked.

Madolche Anjelly [SR]

Madolche Deck Building
Madolche Deck Building

If you’re already getting the pattern that she’s waifubait and must be protected at all costs, then you are going to be a good Madolche player and I pray for your success. If you’re ALSO noticing that all of these starters are only SRs and not URs and you’re ALSO in a good spot. She is your other other main starter which can pivot into Pettingcesseur. She’s also part of the long combo which may require Pettingcesseur.

So yes.

Get 3. No questions asked.

Madolche Hootcake [SR]

Madolche Deck Building
Madolche Deck Building

Hoot hoot! He’s not waifubait so I’m like meh. But no, don’t sleep on him just yet. On certain scenarios (like Turn 3 or if you have cards in your GY, he’s your other starter!) Otherwise, he’s part of your long-winded Madolche Trio combo and one of the end board pieces.

No this is not Duel Links. You can’t use Hootcake as a starter on Turn 1. Stop playing that inferior infant’s game. :^)

Get 2-3 depending on your playstyle.

Madolche Messengelato [SR]

Madolche Deck Building
Madolche Deck Building

He’s your daily mailman and one of the best sources of card advantage for Madolche! You proc him, get your essential spells and/or traps, and plus to no end! However, he’s a brick in your hand. You do not want this guy in your hand.

Get 2-3 depending on your playstyle. While it’s recommended to go for 2 here, having 3 can open your game up to some more stupid plusses if you are willing to take the risks.

Madolche Puddingcess [SR]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

Isn’t she adorable? She was one of the first boss monsters for this archetype, but now she’s one of the more pivots for the combo that ends on the Triangle Wall.

Play 1-2. You only ever need 1, but I think 2 has potential given how Madolche Ticket can so easily end up summoning her and she can benefit so hard from Madolche Nights, a very underrated Madolche Counter Trap. (more later)

Madolche Cruffsant [N]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

She’s (he’s) also pretty darn adorable! In certain combos, she can act as a 3rd Messengelato and has some interesting potential for additional combos, but she’s also a brick in your hand unless you have both Chateau/Salon and Ticket (more on these later). Requires more research.

Tho, if you want 3 Messengelatos without the cost of getting 3 Messengelatos she’s definitely good at that.

Get 0-1 but if you get 1, do ensure you only have 2 Messengelatos.

Other Monsters

  • Madolche Mewfeuille [N] – Sadly obsolete, but it’s a nice N filler.
  • Madolche Baaple [N] – No.
  • Madolche Butlerusk [N] – Not even the ability to get ANY Field Spell can save this card. Just use Terraforming instead.
  • Madolche Chouxvalier [N] – Why
  • Madolche Marmalmaide [N] – This isn’t 2006 GOAT format.
  • Madolche Chickolates [N] – Just no.

Madolche Chateau [R]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

One of the main pivotal cards in our combo and allows all your Madolches main monsters to be a recursive beatstick. There’s ALOT of opinions about this card, including running at 1, 2, or 3, but all that’s really important here is that it triggers your Puddingcess Ala Mode (more of this on the next section), and sometimes you can play over it so that you have a Madolche card in your GY for Madolche Queen Tiaramisu (more later).

Get 1-3 depending on your play-style.
Many tournament winners go for 1.
If you’re on a budget, having 3 isn’t the worst thing..
2 is the sweet spot for many casuals and allows some pretty neat interactions adlib.

Madolche Ticket [R]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

Again, another very crucial S/T that allows all your Madolches to become extremely good at recursion (considering they all return to the deck if they get destroyed, they kinda needed it.) Also part of the combo.

Get 1-3 depending on your budget and your ability to get staples.

Madolche Salon [R]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

A crucial card that gives your Madolches a 2nd Normal Summon. This is essential for combos that let you start with Rafflesia (more later) so that you don’t get hit by a Nibiru or late Ash Blossom, etc.

Get 2-3. I personally recommended 3, but some people have also seen success with 2.

Madolche Promenade [R]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

It’s Madolche’s omninegate card. It also enables Ticket and Salon in 1 strike AND fuels your hand with another Madolche monster once you get into the next turn.

Get 2-3. Get 3 if you’re having budget issues.

Madolche Nights [R]

Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide
Madolche Deck Building & Combo Guide

An extremely underrated Counter Trap Card that can negate monster effects, but is abit stricter on when you play it. There a combos that can quickly get this enabled, and if you do it right (Ticket to summon Pettingcess/Puddingcess), they’re gonna be met with a nice surprise if this procs.

Get 0-1. I understand that some people may not be comfortable with thinking, so for people who do not like to think, getting 0 is fine.

Other Spells/Traps

  • Madolche Lesson [N] – Very hard to even proc properly, why would you play this?
  • Madolchepalooza [N] – Before Promenade, people ran this simply because they ran out of targets to search with Messengelato. Now? No.
  • Madolche Waltz [N] – Part of an elaborate very situational OTK with Chouxvalier, an awful card. No.
  • Madolche Tea Break [N] – Could have been great, if the Spell/Trap didn’t bounce back to the hand. I’m sorry, what? Don’t run it please.

Staple Cards (from Other Packs) – YuGiOh Master Duel Madolche Deck Building

Main Deck Techs

Pot of Prosperity [SR] x 0-3

  • If you’re running a Pot, run this. I’ve been cucked so hard by Extravagance and Desires isn’t ideal especially when your deck has some cruical one-ofs that are required to make the deck run. Avarice also rarely works considering this deck’s gimmick.

Maxx “C” [UR] x 0-3

  • If you have the budget for it (CP-URs), spend it on this. This the number 1 equivalent of saying no to your opponent and drawing a card in the process (as long as you do it right.)

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring [UR] x 1-3

  • You get one for only 750 gems, why WOULDN’T you add this to your deck.

Lightning Storm [UR] x 0-1

  • Solemn Judgement [UR] x 0-1
  • Same thing for Ash, but you could also argue you don’t need it. Well, if you’re on a budget on gems, they aren’t bad options.

Triple Tactics Talent [UR] x 0-3

  • This is NOT an alternative to Pot of Prosperity. This is more or less just Delinquent Duo (but nerfed). If you like copium strats and like having turns 3-5, then this card is for you.

Called by the Grave [UR] x 2

  • Crossout Designator [UR] x 3
  • If you can still blow your budget on CP-UR, these are my other recommendations. These will stop your opponent from disrupting your bottleneck plays and keep you playing your 5 minute combo.

Infinite Impermanence [UR] x 0-3

  • Are you starting to see why I suggest going for the Secret Packs and not use CP-UR when possible? This is your handtrap haha-no-effects-for-you with an additional benefit of ALSO negating S/T in the column. You can get some pretty cute interactions with this.

Dark Ruler No More [UR] x 0-2

  • Forbidden Droplet [UR] x 0-2
  • Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode [UR] x 0-2
  • These are meant to stop annoying 5negates boards. They have various advantages/disadvantages, but just do note that Forbidden Droplet will require you to drop a monster, which can mess up your combo if it’s on the incorrect timing on your turn, Sphere Mode eats up your Normal Summon, etc.

Nibiru, the Primal Being [UR] x 1-2

  • You hate it. I hate it. Nibiru, our sole enemy. Of course, you can use it as per normal, but one of the main uses of Nibiru is having it on your deck with Crossout Designator.

Dimension Shifter [UR] x 0, 1, or 3

  • This card is absolutely meant for high rank plays where the GY is essential for combos. You also have to work around it once it activates. If you’re running this, you’re usually running it on a going-first strategy which involves dropping this if your opponent stops you.

This is mostly a technical pick. If you like thinking, try to get this card.

Red Reboot [UR] x 0-1

  • This is altergeist’s #1 enemy. You should always keep it on the back of your mind especially if you think that your ranked matches are putting in way too much faith in trap cards.

Harpies’ Feather Duster [UR] x 0-1

  • Not worth the CP-UR (as Lightning Storm exists), but if you hate S/T, then be my guest.

Monster Reborn [UR] x 0-1

  • You actually get this for free as part of the Duel Strategy. This may or may not be a good card to have. It’s an extender, but for Madolches, often times you don’t even have a monster to extend into, so yeah…

It’s ultimately your choice whether or not you should use it.

Raigeki [UR] x 0-1

  • This is only here as proof that YGO is a very different game from your childhood memories. You get this as part of Duel Strategy, so feel free to use it until you can get better cards to replace this. Because yes, of course stopping your opponent from doing their floating is better than letting them float into 5 cards.

Upstart Goblin [UR] x 0-3

  • Chicken Game [UR] x 0-3
  • ….why are these all unlimited at 3 copies? Run them if you can get them and you like consistency.

Twin Twisters [SR] x 1-2

  • Mystical Space Typhoon [R] x 1-2
  • Cosmic Cyclone [SR] x 1-2
  • These are your generic S/T removal (if you aren’t running Lightning Storm); they also are relatively cheap to get (with MST being free in a starter deck). These can be run depending on which rank you are.

Evenly Matched [SR] x 0-2

  • I personally don’t think people are going to fall for this trick, but for some decks it really spells the end of their combo and/or field. This includes Madolche on Turn 2 if you don’t kill them. Moral of the Story? OTK or bust.

Spellbook of Knowledge [SR] x 0 or 2

  • Wonder Wand [SR] x 0 or 2
  • If you do not have enough CP-UR to go around, these are other cute ways to get draw power with Magilene and Salon (especially if you’re not running the packages that will be featured later), while fueling GY material for the Pettingcesseur combo (allowing 3 Special Summons with your Puddingcess Ala Mode).

Because of how PSCT works, Spellbook of Knowledge is simply better as it doesn’t sacrifice your Magilene if it gets negated somehow, but Wonder Wand is a cheaper option if you have gotten it in some capacity.

Herald of Orange Light [R] x 0-3

  • This card is just an absolute beast. Why is this just an R?! Since half of your main Madolches are Fairy (and you can also return them and this back to your hand with the Teacher), this handtrap can just simply stop combos in its tracks, especially if said combo is dependent on field presence. And did I mention it’s just an R? If you’re running this, you’re almost definitely NOT regretting it unless you get absolutely bricked, in which case, that’s just yugioh.


  • Gravedigger’s Trap Hole [SR] x 2-3
  • Traptrix Rafflesia [UR] x 1
  • Behold the Traptrix package! This allows you to say no to any handtraps if you get Madolche Magilene + Madolche Salon. If you run this, you can say no to so many handtraps (and burn them for dear hell) that it puts a smile on my face if I see their beloved Nibiru get absolutely rekt.

Do note that it doesn’t work against our next package.


  • PSY-Framegear Gamma [SR] x 2
  • PSY-Frame Driver [N] x 1
  • A handtrap that has some restrictions (making it more suitable if you’re going second) and gives you a brick to work with, but has a nice advantage of tearing through Rafflesia like butter. While I personally do not like the combo, some people do subscribe to this. It also doesn’t fill your GY which may or may not be good.


  • Gamaciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju [SR] x 1-2
  • Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju [UR] x 0-1
  • Interrupted Kaiju Slumber [UR] x 0-1
  • The Kaiju package notorious for eating away at the most tenacious of boss monsters. Even things like Apoqliphort Towers will die to this.

Run at your own discretion. After all, Tiaramisu is such a good boss monster that these often aren’t needed, but they’re still welcome against any onfield monster that has disruption.

Extra Deck Techs

(Part of a Package) Traptrix Rafflesia [UR] x 1

  • Borrelsword Dragon [UR] x 0-1
  • Accesscode Talker [UR] x 0-1
  • These are finishers that you can’t really access if you have used Pettingcesseur, but are usually useful in a Turn 3 scenario where you have an established board and you want to force your opponent’s effects that isn’t just going for Tiaramisu, with various rates of success.

Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder [UR] x 0-1

  • Because you’re a sadist and love opression.

PSY-Framelord Omega [UR] x 1

  • This is not worth your CP-UR, but if you have it and you’re also using PSY-Frame Gamma, then it’s a cute tech to have.

Gagaga Cowboy [UR] x 0

  • This is good because of death match rules in TCG. We don’t have tournaments here nor is there such a thing, so no.

Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir [SR] x 0-1

  • If you think we have too many idiots on Master Duel ranked, use this to make them suffer even more.

To Be Released

  • Small World

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