BONELAB FIX Long Load Times & Crashes

Welcome to our BONELAB FIX Long Load Times & Crashes guide. This lists possible fixes for long load times, or crashes during loading.


BONELAB FIX Long Load Times & Crashes

This lists possible fixes for long load times, or crashes during loading.

BONELAB FIX Long Load Times & Crashes
BONELAB FIX Long Load Times & Crashes

Ensure the Game is Installed Correctly

As the minimum requirements state, the game must be installed on an SSD. If you don’t own one, then this is your own fault, and you should refund the game as you don’t meet the minimum requirements.

Also verify integrity of game files to ensure that you have a clean install.

Allocate Virtual Memory

A possible cause of crashing is the game running out of memory for loading in assets and shaders. To fix this make sure you are allocating more virtual memory on your SSD. To do this on Windows 10, navigate to

  • System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance Settings -> Advanced -> Change Virtual Memory.

Select the drive that the game is installed on (should be your SSD) and select custom size. The initial size equal to the currently allocated amount. The maximum size should be 3 times the size of your RAM. So if you have 8 GB of RAM, the maximum size should be 24000 MB. If your maximum size exceeds the space available, you need to clear space on your drive.


Sentenced to death, you embody an outcast escaping fate. Discover a pathway to a hidden underground research facility. A series of challenging experiments and discoveries await. A road to the truth calls from the void.

Physics to the core

  • Boneworks’ realistic physics systems fully improved and polished. Interact with the game world with consistent confidence.

Visceral VR combat

  • Using a variety of ranged, melee, and exotic physics weapons, engage enemy encounters with an entire armory at your disposal.

Be anyone you want

  • Custom avatar importing enables you to play through the game looking however you want, with physical stats to match.

Layered Narrative

  • After discovering an underground lab in MythOS city, you will have access to a variety of game locations including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user generated levels. Collecting items, avatars, and clues from these locations enable you to progress through the mysterious story.

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