Resident Evil 2 – Chess Plugs Sockets Puzzle

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Chess Plug Sockets Puzzle

After having retrieved the Queen Plug, King Plug, and Rook Plug you can do this Puzzle. The Queen and King we got from the puzzle above. The Rook we can get by taking the Lift from the Lower Waterway (Lower Sewers) to the Workroom Lift. Outside the Workroom you can see the plug in a wall socket. Retrieve it and backtrack to the Monitor Room. The Bishop, Knight and Pawn are already waiting in the sockets of the Monitor Room.

Location: Sewers (Middle), Monitor Room

  • Solution A-Scenario (1st Run): Right Wall = Pawn, Queen, King & Left Wall = Bishop, Rook, Knight
  • Solution B-Scenario (2nd Run): Right Wall = Pawn, Rook, Knight & Left Wall = Queen, Bishop, King

*Right Wall being the one where the Pawn sticker is on a socket and Left Wall being where the Knight sticker is on a socket.

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